On this page is everything we can tell you about our stock, when it's due back in or if we're no longer providing it. If you can't find information about a product, please come back and check again soon.

Cancer information

Stock information, new titles and editions

We have been updating our booklet covers for some time now so many of our titles have the new style covers. Unless the edition number has changed you will not need to replace your current stock. On a few occasions, you may receive deliveries of the same title with two different covers. Don’t worry, they are the same edition.

If you are unsure please check the edition number and publication date on the back cover. If you have any questions or feedback on the new covers please email cancerinformationteam@macmillan.org.uk

The new booklets use the same titles but the Mac codes have changed. If you're looking for the most up to date versions of booklets please search for them by title.

MAC17798_posterA4_quot Core Support A4 poster is now available.

MAC14169Gardening as a way to keep activehas been retired. Please see Physical activity and cancer for information on how to keep active.

MAC11636  Understanding Oesophageal cancer Please download the PDF or eBook. A new edition will be available to order in mid-March. 

MAC12514  Giving up smoking This title has been discontinued. Please go to the NHS website for your region, which has a lot more information and support to help people give up smoking. 

MAC17275_0319 Macmillan A5 folder is a stationery product only available to our registered Macmillan professionals and staff. More copies are now available. 

MACP22032_XL and MACP22032_XXL Macmillan Hoodie has been discontinued in these sizes.

MACP22084 Window sticker has been discontinued. 

MAC13141_FAC and MAC13141_PAR (Foundations in Palliative Care: Facilitator Pack and Participant Pock) Both of these packs are currently under review, with an arrival date for new stock yet to be confirmed.

MAC17281_E01_N Cancer treatments and sepsis This is due in mid-February 2020.

MAC15488_19_A5_Leaflet Money worries? How we can help This is being reprinted, with an arrival date TBC. 

MAC11691 Understanding high-dose treatment with stem cell support This is being revised, with a new edition expected in late March 2020.

MAC17297_E01_N Understanding cancer of the ovary, fallopian tube and peritoneum This is due shortly.

MAC13616_E03_N Planning ahead for end of life, England and Wales This is due in mid-March. 

MAC16334 (People who can help when you have cancer) and MAC16334 (Starting treatment for cancer) These easy read titles have now been discontinued. 

MAC15576 (Treatment summary triplicate pack) This has been discontinued but is available as a downloadable PDF. The associated guidance documents are currently being reviewed. 

If you are looking for any audio titles that are now out of stock please visit https://soundcloud.com/macmillancancer/

You can view the latest information on publications on the Stock list


MAC code Title      Back in stock information
MACP21861_XXXL, MACP21861_XXXXL, and MACP21861_XXXXXLBe.Macmillan T-shirt sizes XXXL, XXXXL and XXXXXLNOW IN STOCK (as of 25/03/2020)
MACP21875Illustration Badges in display box (50 badges)W/C 11th May
MACP21891SashesNOW IN STOCK (as of 25/03/2020)
MACP21947_XXXLPolo shirts (mens)- XXXLTBC
MACP22032_XL, MACP22032_S, and MACP22032_XXLMacmillan Hooodie in sizes S, XL and XXLThese have been discontinued
MACP22062Doodle flag - non brandedNOW IN STOCK (as of 25/03/2020)
MACP22084Window StickerThis item has been discontinued
MAC2571Emergency shower proof ponchoSourcing sustainable alternative. Due date TBC.
MACP22115Collection boxThis has been replaced by MACP21978 "New Cube Collection Box"

Once we know when a resource is back in stock, we'll let you know on this page. If you have any other queries about stock please contact the following teams.

For clinical booklets please email cancerinformationteam@macmillan.org.uk
For merchandise please email commerceteam@macmillan.org.uk

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