On this page is everything we can tell you about our stock, when it's due back in or if we're no longer providing it. If you can't find information about a product, please come back and check again soon.

Cancer information

Stock information, new titles and editions

We have been updating our booklet covers for some time now so many of our titles have the new style covers. Unless the edition number has changed you will not need to replace your current stock. On a few occasions, you may receive deliveries of the same title with two different covers. Don’t worry, they are the same edition.

If you are unsure please check the edition number and publication date on the back cover. If you have any questions or feedback on the new covers please email cancerinformationteam@macmillan.org.uk

The new booklets use the same titles but the Mac codes have changed. If you're looking for the most up to date versions of booklets please search for them by title.

MAC15618_Leaflet Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA) leaflet is back in stock

MAC14169 Gardening as a way to keep active has been retired. Please see Physical activity and cancer for information on how to keep active.

MAC15835_E03  Macmillan Organiser is back in stock

MAC14192 Body image and cancer more copies arriving around October

MAC14180  Feel more like you more copies arriving around the October

MAC13120_1116  Volunteers handbook more copies arriving around mid September

Understanding Melanoma, Treatment with surgery and Talking to children and teenagers when an adult has cancer have new editions arriving in October.

Macmillan Christmas Catalogue arriving mid September

If you are looking for any audio titles that are now out of stock please visit https://soundcloud.com/macmillancancer/

The following titles are currently being revised. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by these being out of stock or low in stock. Where appropriate, please signpost people to the PDF or eBook:
  • Financial guidance series: Sorting out your affairs
  • Talking to children and teenagers when an adult has cancer
  • Talking to someone with cancer
  • Understanding cancer of the unknown primary
  • Understanding melanoma - lymph node assessment and treatment
  • Your life and your choices, plan ahead - all three versions


MAC code Title Back in stock information
MAC2571Emergency shower proof ponchoSourcing sustainable alternative. Due date TBC.
MACP21861_XXXLbe.Macmillan T shirts XXXLStock currently on order. Due date TBC.
MACP21861_XXXXL/XXXXXLbe.Macmillan T shirts XXXXL/XXXXXLStock currently on order. Due date TBC.
MACP22034Tablecoverw/c 11th November
Window sticker
Thursday 22nd September
MACP21947Polo Mens's 3XLTBC
MACP22020_10/12/14White polo shirt womensStock currently on order.  Dec
MACP22020_16/18White polo shirt womensStock currently on order. Dec
MACP22020_8White polo shirt womensStock currently on order.  Dec
MACP21886Tote bagdiscontinued
MACP22021_S/L/XXLWhite polo shirt menDue back in September

Once we know when a resource is coming back in stock, we'll let you know on this page. If you have any other queries about stock please contact the following teams.

For clinical booklets please email cancerinformationteam@macmillan.org.uk
For merchandise please email commerceteam@macmillan.org.uk

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