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We have been updating our booklet covers for some time now. On a few occasions, you may receive deliveries of the same title with two different covers. Don’t worry, they are the same edition. If you are unsure please check the edition number and publication date on the back cover. If you have any questions or feedback on the new covers please contact us at

Currently being revised

The following titles are currently being revised so please do not order too many copies: 

•  Heart health and cancer treatment 

•  How are you feeling? The emotional effects of cancer 

•  Managing weight gain after cancer treatment 

•  Move More: Your guide to becoming more active 

•  Understanding cancer of the unknown primary 

•  Understanding cancer of the voicebox (larynx) 

•  Understanding melanoma - lymph node assessment and treatment 

 Keeping up to date with new versions

Check out our database of information materials to check you have the correct versions of our materials. 

Many of our titles now have the new style covers. Unless the edition number has changed you will not need to replace your current stock. If you have any feedback on the new covers or questions about the booklets, please email

Audio News

We have over 60 free audiobooks covering cancer symptoms, cancer types, treatments and living well with cancer. Encourage your patients to listen online, download or order a CD for free at

Back in stock dates

Information resources

MAC14169 -  Gardening as a way to keep active
We are retiring this title. Please see Physical activity and cancer for information on how to keep active. 

Please also have a look at for cancer information or ring our Macmillan Support Line on 0808 808 00 00.


50 pack balloons12th April


Waterproof jacket, XXXL/XXXXL15th April
MAC15193_1017_LEAFLETToilet card
9th April

MACP21734 Green bob wig TBC 
MACP21939Fleece small 15th April
MACP21953All Polo womens sizes    13th May
MACP21902Bum bag15th April

MAC6978_0718General donation enevelopew/c 22nd April
MAC14624Core data collection form TBC, possibly w/c 13th May
MAC13314Move MoreWeek commencing 1st April
MACP21536 Aprons3rd May
MAC16115   Hope course  30th April
MAC17276 Thankyou card      w/c 6th May
MAC17277  Wishing you comfort card w/c 6th May

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