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Cancer information

Stock information, new titles and editions

You can view details of all our publications, including MAC codes, edition numbers, next planned review dates and discontinued titles on the Information resources list. This list was last updated in January 2022.

MAC17275_0319 Macmillan A5 folder is a stationery product only available to our registered Macmillan professionals and staff. More copies are regularly made available.

MAC13141_FAC and MAC13141_PAR (Foundations in Palliative Care: Facilitator Pack and Participant Pock) Both of these packs are currently under review, with an arrival date for new stock yet to be confirmed.

MAC11691 Understanding high-dose treatment with stem cell 
MAC16334 (People who can help when you have cancer) and MAC16334 (Starting treatment for cancer) These easy read titles have now been discontinued. 

MAC15576 (Treatment summary triplicate pack) This has been discontinued, although digital versions of related content can be found here. The associated guidance documents are currently being reviewed.

MAC18112 Macmillan Explore Welcome Pack Production of this item has been indefinitely paused owing to changes in work related to COVID-19.

MAC13689 Holistic Needs Assessment, care and support plan folder This item is currently available only as a digital resource. We are aware of the high demand for this item.

MAC16788 Treatment Summary How-To Guide This resource has been discontinued as a physical product for the foreseeable future. Please continue to access this in the meanwhile as a downloadable PDF on the product page. 

MAC15201_E06_N Recipes for people affected by cancer Earlier this year a decision was made to discontinue the physical edition of this title, as a consequence of the financial pressures Covid-19 placed on Macmillan Cancer Support. Now that some time has passed and the clinical information contained in this booklet has become outdated, we have removed the links to the PDF and eBook version of this booklet from the be.Macmillan website as well. We are aware of how popular this title was, and so the decision to discontinue it was not taken lightly; we do nevertheless apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment its removal might cause.

MAC13825_E03_N (Managing the late effects of pelvic radiotherapy in men) and MAC13826_E03_N (Managing the late effects of pelvic radiotherapy in women) 
Both of these booklets have been supplanted by MAC18910_E01 Managing the bladder late effects of pelvic radiotherapy and MAC18911_E01 Managing the bowel late effects of pelvic radiotherapy.

MAC11674_E07_N Understanding breast screening This booklet has now been discontinued.

MAC16340 (Stay healthy - stop smoking) and MAC16328 (Screening for cancer) Both of these Easy Read titles have now been discontinued. For guidance on giving up smoking please see the main Macmillan Cancer Support website via www.macmillan.org.uk/cancer-information-and-support/treatment/coping-with-treatment/giving-up-smoking.

MAC11775_E07_N Understanding the PSA test This booklet has now been discontinued. For information on the PSA test please see the main Macmillan Cancer Support website via www.macmillan.org.uk/cancer-information-and-support/diagnostic-tests/psa-test.

MAC14072_E03_N Be there for someone facing cancer This booklet has now been discontinued. Relevant information can be found in MAC17643_E01_N Cancer and relationships: support for partners, families and friends.

MAC11642_E12_N Understanding testicular cancer A new edition of this booklet is expected to be available in May 2022.

MAC17412_CRD_BI Questions About Cancer Bilingual Card This resource is currently being reviewed.

MAC15200 Signs and symptoms
More copies of our "Signs and symptoms" Z-card in the follow languages are expected to arrive by approximately Monday 19 May:
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Lithuanian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Somali
  • Urdu
New editions in May 2022

The below titles are all expected to come into stock in mid-May 2022.
  • MAC11613_E15 Understanding acute myeloid leukaemia
  • MAC11612_E14 Understanding acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
  • MAC11619_E16 Understanding chemotherapy
Additional discontinued titles

The below titles have all been discontinued. More information about the decision to discontinue these, and links to alternative resources (where relevant) can be found in our Information resources list. Relevant information may also be available through the main Macmillan Cancer Support website (macmillan.org.uk).
  • MAC13944_E03_N Pelvic radiotherapy in women - managing side effects during treatment This information can now be found in MAC18915_E01 Understanding pelvic radiotherapy
  • MAC13943_E03_N Pelvic radiotherapy in men - managing side effects during treatment This information can now be found in MAC18915_E01 Understanding pelvic radiotherapy
  • MAC11665_E07_N Understanding the PSA Test
  • MAC6706_E08_N The cancer guide for young people
  • MAC15118_E03_N Fertility – Support for young people affected by cancer
  • MAC15117_E03_N Sex and relationships: Support for young people affected by cancer
  • MAC13314_E03_N Move More: Your guide to becoming more activity - this information can now be found in MAC12515_E05_N Physical activity and cancer
  • MAC14286_E05_N Financial guidance series: Insurance - This information is still being regularly updated on the main Macmillan Cancer Support website via www.macmillan.org.uk/cancer-information-and-support/impacts-of-cancer/insurance-and-cancer
  • MAC14284_E06_N Financial guidance series: Pensions - This information is still being regularly updated on the main Macmillan Cancer Support website via www.macmillan.org.uk/cancer-information-and-support/impacts-of-cancer/pensions-and-cancer
  • MAC11687_05_N Understanding bowel cancer screening
If you are looking for any audio titles that are now out of stock please visit https://soundcloud.com/macmillancancer/


MACP22032_S, MACP22032_XL and MACP22032_XXL Macmillan Hoodie has been discontinued in these sizes.

MACP22084 Window sticker has been discontinued. 

MACP21886 Tote bag has been discontinued.

MACP22104 Macmillan A5 pad has been discontinued.

MACP22032 Macmillan hoodie has been discontinued.

MACP22105 Biodegradable poncho has been discontinued for the time being.

MACP21857_XL Tabard Extra Large and MACP21947_XXXL Polo shirt men's XXXL will both be back in stock at a date yet to be confirmed.


Following a review of our environmental practices it was decided not to replenish our branded balloons once their stock was depleted. If you are a Macmillan Staff member and wish nevertheless to order these please do contact the Commerce team to request them.

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For merchandise please email commerceteam@macmillan.org.uk

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