Frequently asked questions.

To make it easier to browse our FAQ you can find answers to all the below questions in their separate sections:

1. I have forgotten my password.
2. I want to change my e-mail address.
3. I am having trouble changing my e-mail address and can no longer access my account.
4. I want to change my contact or shipping address.
5. I'm sure I've created a My Macmillan account, but still can't place any new orders!
6. I am registering for the first time and see the error message "e-mail address not recognised".
7. I keep on being asked to log in when placing an order.

Ordering information and merchandise 
1. I am a Macmillan professional and can't see any merchandise when logged into my account.
2. I can't find the specific information or merchandise resource I'm looking for.
3. I want to order information and merchandise together.
4. I am not a registered Macmillan professional, but work in an administrative role alongside Macmillan professionals. Can I order merchandise for them?
5. Why does your merchandise have a cost next to it? Do I have to pay?
6. The item I want is out of stock.
7. When will your information resources next be updated?
8. Why can't I order large quantities of certain items?
9. Can I order information items to be sent outside the UK?
10. Do you offer braille or large format print versions of your information resources?

1. Receiving your order
2. Paying in collection money
3. Returning your order

1. My order hasn't arrived yet.
2. I have received a delivery confirmation e-mail but can't find my order. What should I do?
3. I have received the wrong items, and some items are missing. What should I do?

Personalised materials and branded assets
1. I'm looking for a design to promote my fundraising event or service.
2. I am having problems uploading a logo to my Make product.
3. I'd like to add more than one logo to a Make item.
4. I haven't received an e-mail containing a link to the downloadable item I created.
5. I would like to cancel a Make print order.
6. I'm looking for the Macmillan logo and other branded assets.
1. I'd like more information about how Macmillan Cancer Support can help me or someone I know.
2. I'd like to donate or fundraise for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Want to make or order something?