Frequently asked questions

Our FAQs are designed to give you the online information you need around accessing our systems and placing and receiving orders without having to spend time contacting us. Where you might require further information,we’ve signposted where to go. We hope you find it helpful.

If something is broken

If a part of our site or our services are not working as they should be we will tell you on our Help page what the issue is and what we're doing to resolve to get things back up and running.

Registering and logging in

Q1. I have forgotten my password or want to update my account details
A. If you've forgotten your password you can change it through your My Macmillan profile. Go to our 
My Macmillan help page to find out what to do to if you’ve forgotten your password or you need to update your account details − that will include changing your email address. You can also discover more about your My Macmillan account and what it can offer you.

If you're a Macmillan Professional who has moved post and you can't access your old email account to reset your password, please email

Q2. I want to change my billing address or shipping address
A. Change your billing address or shipping address(es) via your be.Macmillan account. You can access this from the right hand side of this page, the home and any order pages.

Q3. I am registering for the first time and get the error message 'email address not recognised'
A. If you are a Macmillan Professional, and see this message when you try to register, please contact your Macmillan Partnership Quality Lead to ensure your details are on our database of Macmillan Professionals. Once they have put you on there, your email address should be recognised after a day or so; then you will be able to register.

We understand that during this period some Macmillan Partnership Quality Leads may be off work owing to the current COVID-19 situation. If your Macmillan Partnership Quality Lead is therefore unable to upload your informaiton onto our Macmillan Professionals database please e-mail so that we can amend your account's status. We nevertheless ask that you contact your Macmillan Partnership Quality Lead to upload your information to your database as soon as possible, once they are back in post. 

If you are a Macmillan Staff member and have an active Macmillan email account you should be able to register, it will just be that the staff database has not yet updated.

Making business cards

Q4. I would like to create business cards, but get an error on the business card page
A. Only Macmillan Professionals working in post and registered on the Macmillan Professionals database should have access to business cards on be.Macmillan. If you are registered and logged in as a Macmillan Professional on be.Macmillan you should have access to
the business cards site login page. From here, you need to do another short registration to get onto the business cards site.

All the people named on  Macmillan Professionals cards should also be registered in post.

All Macmillan Staff members should order through Facilities Management.

Q5. I've not yet received confirmation that I can access the business card portal. 
Should you have registered for the business card portal and not received confirmation that you can access this within three-to-five working days, please try accessing the portal again or else check your spam folder. If you are still unable to log in after this time please get in touch with us so that we can investigate this.

Q6. I would like to amend a business card order. 
Once a business card order has been approved we are unable to change this - it is imperative, therefore, that you check your business card prior to submission for any errors. Should you notice errors in your card once you have recieved confirmation that it has been approved, please e-mail to ask us to cancel your order, so that you can recreate and resubmit this. 

Making personalised materials

Q7. I'm looking for a design to promote my fundraising event or service
A. Browse the items in the 
Make section by product type e.g. posters, invitations, etc. of via the different sections e.g. service promotion, fundraising, etc. You can also use the search box to search for key words.

Q8. I am having problems uploading a logo to the site
A. To add a logo to your created item, please follow these guidelines: 

  • For your logo to display at optimum size, please ensure that it is tightly cropped i.e. it has the absolute minimum amount of white space surrounding it. The system will resize your logo to fit into the space provided, but will include any background on the image.
  • Your logo should be created at at least 300 dpi and in the JPEG format (.jpg) to display and print well.

    If your logo is not suitable, it will not upload.

Q9. I would like to add more than one logo to a Make item
A. Only one logo can be uploaded to co-brandable Make items. If you need more than one logo, please join them into one image before uploading but bear in mind they are likely display significantly smaller.

Q10. I have not received an email containing a link to my downloadable created item
A. This should be sent to you straight away. If it does not arrive, please check your spam to see if it's been directed there.

Q11. I would like to cancel a Make print order
A. Please make sure you are completely happy with your Make print order before you click 'Place order', as your order will be placed immediately and sent through to print.

If you do want to cancel it, please email straight away and we'll try to cancel your order. We'll need the job number, which is next to your order in 'View my saved materials', just beneath your name in your be.Macmillan account box on the be.Macmillan homepage.

Ordering information and merchandise

Q12. I can’t find the information resource or merchandise that I’m looking for
A. You can either browse the items in Order, or use the search box to search for key words. You can search by the MAC code, title, or other relevant words. Sometimes our titles are recreated using a different MAC code in which case you may find it if you search on the title.

You may also find what you're looking for by searching the online cancer information on our main website at

Q13. The item I want to order is out of stock
A. Check the Stock updates page for updates on when it will be back in stock.

Q14. I want to order large quantities of stock
A. Some of our products have quantity restrictions on them. These have been put in place to protect certain products being ordered in high volumes - generally because there is a high cost to Macmillan to produce them so they're not for wide-scale use.

Q15. I placed an order and my items have not yet arrived
A. Orders go out within a day of being submitted. They are sent via Royal Mail (second class) or via Parcel Force. Your order confirmation will state how your order is being delivered.

You can track Parcel Force orders from your despatch confirmation email to find out where it is. Occasionally Royal Mail items get lost in the post. We have no way of tracking these. If you don't receive a Royal Mail order within five working days, please order it again.

Q16. I would like to place an order for information booklets to be delivered outside the UK
A. Our information materials are free of charge for both people living with cancer and professionals supporting them within the UK. Unfortunately, we cannot offer this service to those outside of the UK due to regulations affecting our charitable covenants. You can also browse and read our online cancer information on our main website at

Our brand assets

Macmillan's Support Line

Q18. I would like more information about how Macmillan Cancer Support can help me or someone I know
A. Need to talk? Please contact 
Macmillan's Support Line
0808 808 00 00
7 days a week, 9am-5pm
Call us free*

A You can also order booklets here, on be.Macmillan, or browse and read our online cancer information on our main website at

Fundraising and donations

Q19. I would like to make a donation or fundraise for Macmillan Cancer Support
A. Get in touch with us for fundraising ideas, tips and support while organising your fundraising event, information on ways to donate, or to find out about the latest events near you. Please contact
0300 1000 200
Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

Please note 0300 numbers are charged at the same rate as 01 and 02 numbers, including calls from mobiles.

A. For donations, please use our online donations form or make cheques payable to 'Macmillan Cancer Support' and send to Macmillan Cancer Support, Supporter Services, 89 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7UQ.

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