FAQs:Ordering information and merchandise

1. I’m a Macmillan professional and can’t see any merchandise when logged into my account.
If you are a registered Macmillan professional and can’t see any merchandise when logged into be.Macmillan, your account likely has an incorrect status. Please e-mail be.mac@macmillan.org.uk so that we can look into this for you.

2. I can’t find the specific information or merchandise resource I’m looking for.
When searching for a specific resource please use the base “MAC” code, up until the first underscore (e.g. “MAC12345”, and not “MAC12345_E12”). When new editions of resources are published the MAC codes for these are also updated, and so you may be searching for an old code that is no longer in use. MAC codes can be found on, or near, the reverse of almost all our information resources.

You may also wish to search for the title of a resource, or a few key phrases from it.

3. I want to order information and merchandise together.
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Please place separate orders for information and merchandise items.

4. I am not a registered Macmillan professional, but work in an administrative role alongside Macmillan professionals. Can I order merchandise for them?
Unfortunately, we are only able to make our merchandise accessible to registered Macmillan professionals directly. If you have been asked to order merchandise in an administrative capacity for colleagues who are Macmillan professionals, please do ask them to place these orders themselves through their own accounts. We do apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.

5. Why does your merchandise have a cost next to it? Do I have to pay?
All of our merchandise resources are provided for free to Macmillan professionals. The costs associated with them exist for internal budgeting only, and are made public in part to remind users of the costs involved in making them available.

6. The item I want is out of stock. 
Please check the Stock updates page for updates on when any item will be out of stock. 

7. When will your information resources next be updated?
Please see our “Information resources list” for a spreadsheet of all of our current information resources, including the dates when they are next to due to be revised. An updated version of this spreadsheet is always linked from our Stock updates page.

8. Why can’t I order large quantities of certain items?
Some of our products have quantity restrictions on them. These have been put in place to protect certain products from being ordered in high volumes, generally on account of the high cost to Macmillan to produce them.

9. Can I order information items to be sent outside the UK?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer our be.Macmillan service to those outside of the UK due to regulations affecting our charitable covenants. Please feel free to make use of any digital versions of our information resources, as well as the information available on the main macmillan.org.uk website. 

10. Do you offer braille or large format print versions of your information resources?
Our Cancer Information team may be able to produce braille or large print versions of booklets on a case-by-case basis. Please e-mail cancerinformationteam@macmillan.org.uk to discuss any requests for such materials you may have.

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