Site updates and information

Performance issues


Monday 26 June - Monday 10 July business card portal issues: The issue affecting the macmillan professional's business card portal has now been resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience caused on account of the extended duration of this error. 

Tuesday 9 May - Friday 12 May search issues: The search function triggers a certificate warning and suggests that you do not proceed to it. Please use the navigation categories to find what you need until we resolve the issue, as the order and make functionality is not affected. This has now been resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience this will have caused.


Friday 11 November - order issues: We have been made aware of an issue preventing orders from reaching our warehouse's system. We are currently looking into this. While this will delay the fulfilment of orders these will be processed as soon as the issue is resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.

Friday 29 July to Thursday 11 August - issues with Make: An error intermittently affected the "Make" section of be.Macmillan, preventing users from submitting their designs. This has now been resolved.

If you are still struggling with using the Make service please e-mail with the following information:
  • The URL of the template you would like to use
  • Your preferred text
  • The size you want your design to be (A3, A4, A5 or A6)
  • Any custom QR code you would like to use

Friday 15 July: Owing to a security incident the Make function of the be.Macmillan site was suspended between approximately 09:30 and 12:30. This was resolved. No personal information is at risk as a result of this incident. As a result, the site was also down from 5 pm on Friday 15th until 10 am on Monday 18th July. 

Tuesday 17 - Friday 20 May: There was an issue with our despatch and delivery confirmation e-mails not being sent. We believe this has now been resolved. 

Friday 4 February: There was an issue with text not displaying correctly on the the business card portal. It began on Thursday 3 February and has now been resolved.

Monday 24 January: We are aware of an error that can occur when uploading partnership logos onto Make products that also allow for a custom QR code to be uploaded. We are currently looking into how best to resolve this.


Wednesday 20th October: A technical issue caused some Make orders sent for printing to fail. We can confirm the issue was fixed on Friday 22nd October, and all orders are coming through without issue. Those failed orders have now been resubmitted and all orders are up to date.

Wednesday 15th September: There was an intermittent issue from Friday 3rd September with our Make function, which affected some downloads. This has now been resolved and we've contacted all those affected. Information and merchandise orders were unaffected.

We had an issue on Monday 9th August with our front page and Make function. This was resolved the next day. Information and merchandise orders were unaffected.

Covid-19 advice and information

We understand that people are still worried about coronavirus (COVID-19). This page will be kept up to date on what it means for your be.Macmillan orders and deliveries.

Current status

Based on government guidance, we are operating as business as usual. 

We've made some changes to safeguard you and our teams. All warehouse and delivery teams are social distancing. All deliveries are now contact free.

Although our courier service has changed since March 2020 we are confident that deliveries should be continuing as normal. If you do experience any difficulties receiving your order, however, please do get in touch via 

Our advice

Here are some tips to make sure you receive the information and products you need over this time.

• As an alternative to ordering printed booklets, you can find all our cancer information and support online.

• You can also find Macmillan's latest coronavirus guidance on our main website.

• The One Cancer Voice group have developed frequently asked questions for people with cancer.

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