Additional resources and archived material

In this section we have collated links to additional information that you might find helpful. Please note, however, that as some of this material is no longer being maintained the be.Macmillan team can take no responsibility for how updated this content may be. Where possible, if this content is no longer available through the be.Macmillan service we have linked to the main Macmillan Cancer Support website.

Rich Pictures

The “Rich pictures” series of booklets was created to “summarise the numbers, needs and experiences of people affected by cancer for Macmillan staff, cancer care professionals, volunteers and other interested parties”, containing data specific to the relevant cancer type or demographic covered in each booklet.

While physical copies of these booklets are no longer available to order through be.Macmillan, digital copies are maintained on the main Macmillan Cancer Support website here.

Please note that any references to cancer information materials contained in these booklets may now be out of date, although updated and/or revised editions of these may still be available through be.Macmillan.

Consequences of cancer and its treatment

Macmillan Cancer Support worked in partnership with health professionals to develop practical guidance to help you support patients who are experiencing consequences of their cancer and its treatment. While many of these booklets are now out of stock, digital copies can be found under "Information resources" within "Resources for health and social care professionals". 

Publications directory

The impact of the pandemic has meant that as an organisation we’ve had to prioritise our resources. As a result, our Cancer Information Development team now has reduced capacity and we have made the decision to close our online Publications Directory. Previously known as the Directory of Information Materials, the Directory hosted records of all quality-assured cancer information produced by Macmillan and other organisations in the UK.

Recovery package

The Recovery Package is a framework of key interventions which, when delivered together, can greatly improve outcomes for people living with and beyond cancer.

The diagram linked below shows how these interventions can fit together. If you are putting together a presentation or materials on the Recovery Package then please download the image here. Please read and follow the terms of use before downloading. You can download the graphic as a JPEG file for use on screen and print materials.

JPEG file download

•  Please download the graphic in its entirety including the copyright notice and do not break it up into different sections.

•  It is important that the graphic is relevant to the work you intend to use it on, and/or you include an explanation about the Recovery Package and its different areas when using it.  Please see the short descriptions below.

- Holistic needs assessment (HNA) - This identifies the individual needs of the person affected by cancer and contributes to a consultation. The consultation can then be focused on the needs identified, a care plan can be developed and an appropriate referral can be made to services. The patient receives a copy of the care plan to enable self management; further copies are stored in the medical records and can be sent to the GP.

- Treatment summary - This is developed by the multidisciplinary team to inform the patient and the GP of the care and treatment received.  The patient receives a copy to share with other family members and health care providers. Further copies are stored in the medical records and inform emergency/unplanned admissions. A digital copy of a previous treatment summary resource (MAC14582) can be downloaded here, and a treatment summary "how to" guide (MAC16788) can be ordered here

- Cancer care review - This is carried out by the GP practice within six months following a diagnosis of cancer and gives the patient information to enable self management.

- Health and Wellbeing Events - These are education events to give the person affected by cancer the holistic information they need to enable rehabilitation and self management. A health and wellbeing event guide (MAC16500) can be ordered here.

You can also view our Make templates that can be used by Health Care Professionals to deliver Health and Wellbeing events.  Resources include invitation letters, agenda templates, posters and an example of an evaluation. 

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