Promoting your services

Promoting your services

Create business cards, flyers and posters to advertise your Macmillan services, information centres, etc.

We're re-branding all our materials on be.Macmillan. We've already changed all of our service promotion products. 

We've looked at the products you use most and made sure they're still there for you in the new brand. Over the next few months we'll work with you to fill the gaps where we've missed anything so please let us know.

All our service products are now co-brandable. If you're not part of a co-branded service it's really simple to customise the templates to reflect this.

The first set of products have the long thin logo slot best suited for NHS logos. Next week we'll be rolling out the same products with a square logo option for CAB, ect.

We hope you like what we've done. Please let us know by emailing us at
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Every order is checked against the Macmillan Professionals Database to ensure that all people named on the order are Macmillan Professionals.

We're currently reviewing our appointment cards function. For now these will be unavailable to order via the site.

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