Promoting your services


Create business cards, flyers and posters to advertise your Macmillan services, information centres, etc.

If you're a Macmillan professional, make sure you're logged in to access the full range of editable materials to help promote you and your service.

Uploading your partner logo

Partner logos can only be added onto our range of service promotion materials by our Macmillan professionals. 

You'll see three options per design. One is available without the option to upload a logo, which your colleagues and volunteers can use. The other two designs are available to upload your partner logo onto. 

Simply choose the most suitable template to best fit the shape of your logo - long thin logos e.g. NHS or squarer logos e.g. the Citizens Advice Bureau. Try to choose the one that works best for you before start creating.


Accompanying a partner logo is a descriptor; ‘In partnership with’. This must only be used for long term contracted relationships, where Macmillan funded services are delivered by a partner, or group of partners.

Just a gentle reminder that it's your responsibility to ensure your logo displays properly in the final artwork so please also check the preview option and the final PDF.
*You must log in as a Macmillan professional to access our cards

Only Macmillan Professionals can order business cards. If you can't access the following links, you aren't registered as a Macmillan Professional or aren't logged in to your account.

We're currently reviewing our appointment cards function. For now these will be unavailable to order via the site.

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