Promoting your services

Promoting your service

Create business cards, posters and invitations to promote you, as a Macmillan professional, and your service.

We offer bespoke features and tools exclusively for our Macmillan professionals; those in health and social care role funded/supported posts and registered to work for Macmillan.

Your account

Firstly, make sure you've created your own be.Macmillan account and are logged in. You'll then have access to everything you need.

For help registering, please visit our FAQs: Registering and account issues.

Business cards and other materials

Create and print your business cards, appointment cards, postcards, leaflets and pull-up banners.

They're available on a portal website so you'll need to create a different account from your be.Macmillan log in. You can use the same email and password to help you remember your log in details.

Posters and invitations

Our service promotion posters and invitations can be customised to guide people living with cancer to you and your service.

Each design displays a QR code. Dependent on the design you choose, the QR code will direct you either to our cancer information or financial help on our main website.

You can even upload your own QR code, using our QR code connector.

Add your partner logo

When creating a poster or invitation, you'll see one of each design. One offers you the ability to upload your own partner logo.

The image file formats we recommend using are either jpeg or png. If you’re having trouble uploading your logo, please contact

Accompanying a partner logo is a descriptor, ‘In partnership with’. This must only be used for long term contracted relationships, where Macmillan funded services are delivered by a group of partners.

QR codes

QR codes are a great way to signpost users to Macmillan services online via their smartphones. They can be added to the QR code slot in the same way as other images. The codes below point to Macmilllan's information and welfare and benefits advice services. Please feel free to use them on you materials. Right click on the images to download/save them to upload to your materials.
Information and support services QR Code - Right click to downloadWelfare benefits and financial advice QR Code - Right click to download
Information and
support services
Welfare benefits
and financial advice

Tips and tools

Take a closer look at our tips and tools page for help to create your materials including how to add more or less text, upload a QR code and much more.

Pull up banners

We also offer a Macmillan pull-up banner to Macmillan professionals with limited generic text.

Name badges

You can also order Macmillan name badges here.

Want to make or order something?