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Helping your patients to stay on top of it all

The Macmillan Organiser is a handy, portable tool that's a lot like a personal organiser. 

It helps patients keep track of things such as symptoms, food intake, their appointments, medication and much more besides. It also suggests questions they can ask their doctor.  

It can help professionals like you, understand more about how your patients are coping with their condition and treatment. 

The promotional flyers are designed for you to hand out to your patients, and detail how they can order their own free copy of the Macmillan Organiser.  

Please order as many of the flyers are you need, and hand them out to people you feel would find the Macmillan Organiser useful.

The My Organiser app is no longer available for download. For comprehensive cancer information and support please visit

Macmillan organiser
Macmillan organiser
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