Macmillan Organiser

Macmillan Organiser

The Macmillan Organiser is a handy, portable tool that's a lot like a personal organiser. It's also a useful source of support that's always at your fingertips.
It helps you keep track of things such as your symptoms, your food intake, your appointments, your medication and much more besides. It also suggests questions to ask your doctor.
To order your own free Macmillan Organiser, just click on the image below.
If you are a Healthcare professional, please order your copy here.

MyOrganiser - the Macmillan Organiser App

MyOrganiser is available as a mobile app

My Organiser is a great new mobile app that can help you plan and record everything that's important to you, from appointment times and contact details to reminders for when to take your medication.
It's easy to navigate and simple to use, so give it a try today by downloading for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play using your mobile phone. 


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Macmillan organiser
Macmillan organiser

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