Identifying and supporting carers

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There are nearly 1.5 million people in the UK looking after friends or family members with cancer - yet half don't receive any support. One major reason for this is that many people who take on a caring role don't identify themselves as a 'carer'.

Carers tell us that supporting someone with cancer can have a big impact emotionally, physically and financially. It can affect their own health, mental well-being, working life and relationships. Support is available to these carers, but often they don't know about it or how to access it.  Health and social care professionals are ideally placed to identify cancer carers and signpost them to this support.

These documents were co-produced with professionals, and set out what hospitals can do to identify and support cancer carers. 

We also produce a range of carers' resources for you to order to support people looking after someone with cancer.  Please direct people to the information that is most relevant to them.
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