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Work and cancer

All you need to talk about work with people affected by cancer

There are over 700,000 people of working age living with cancer in the UK, who face many difficult decisions about work.  But when provided with the right support, work can have a number of important benefits for people affected by cancer.

That means we need professionals like you to direct people to the information and support they need so they can make informed decisions about work. And we're here to help.

Our Work support route guide will ensure you feel prepared to talk about work and signpost people to further sources of support. And we have a number of resources that you can order for people affected by cancer, some of which are listed below.

As well as resources listed here, we also have a wider range of resources for employees and employers.  And you can learn more about work and cancer by taking our e-learning course, Can we talk about work?

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Self-employment and cancer
Self employment and cancer
Work and cancer
Work and cancer
Work Support Route Guide (England and NI version)
Work Support Route Guide English Version
Work Support Route guide Scottish version
Work Support Route guide Scottish version
Work Support Route Guide Northern Welsh Version
Work Support Route Guide Welsh Version

Find free resources to support you at work, whether you are living with cancer or caring for someone with cancer. We also offer resources to help if you are self-employed and living cancer. 

 The essential work and cancer toolkit is available to order for HR professionals, occupational health professionals and managers. You can also find out how to join Macmillan at Work and get support to help you manage the challenges of cancer in the workplace.

 Health and social care professionals
We offer resources for health and social care professionals to support you in talking about employment issues with people affected by cancer.

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