Life With Cancer

Life with cancer is still life

We are proud to launch our new Life With Cancer advertising campaign.

We talked to lots of people living with and affected by cancer and a common thread came out: that whilst cancer is life-changing, it isn’t always life-ending. With the right support, many people with cancer can carry on being parents, grandparents, friends, colleagues, neighbours. 

Life doesn’t stop just because you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. Seeing friends, supporting family, and finding a way to pay the bills are still important, even if you’re living with a terminal diagnosis.

You may have cancer, but you are still you with a life to lead, friends to see, family who need you and people to love. Because life with cancer is still life and we will help you live it.

Download and order resources that will support you with: 
Money (Money)  
Work (Work and cancer)  
Family (Carers

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