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Working with creative agencies

We have an amazing in-house team who roll out the Macmillan brand on a daily basis. Sometimes we also work with external creative agencies and individual freelancers - artworkers, designers, copywriters, UX designers, etc.
We call them our approved creative suppliers and, once approved, we supply them with tools and guidelines to allow them to create our uniquely Macmillan branded materials. 
We are very open about our brand, how we use it and how we apply our visual identity, tone of voice, etc. but we do have a responsibility to ensure our brand assets are used effectively and for the right reasons.

Looking for our brand assets?

We get a large amount of requests for our photography, silhouettes and the Macmillan Headline font. Unless you have been approved to work with us we are unfortunately unable to provide you with our assets but you may be able to request Macmillan's headline font.

Request Macmillan headline

Becoming an approved creative supplier

We will approve creatives who are known to us and approved to work with Macmillan. If you are already approved, please create an account on be.Macmillan using the approved creative supplier option. 
 If you don't have a Macmillan contact but are interested in working with us please feel free to register but we may not be able to approve your request.


Download our brand identity guidelines here


ACSupplier-footer1...then select the creative supplier link in the footer of the Make section