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Introducing the four key elements

There are four main design elements that make our brand identity stand out from the crowd. Our logo, our signature font Macmillan Headline, our green paint and our secondary font Futura BT. They all work together and support each other, fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle. If you get these four right, you're on to a good thing.


Macmillan Cancer Support logo

It always fits snugly into the shape made by the paint that holds Macmillan Headline font.
Download our logo.


Macmillan Headline font

It's handmade and full of character but on the page less is definitely more. Our listed designers working on specific Macmillan projects can request our Headline font.

Green paint

It should always be as expressive and dynamic as real paint. Each stroke is unique.

Futura BT font

This is the font we use for all secondary information.

Download our brand identity guidelines here