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Business cards

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Please select a business card template from below and click on it to edit it.

Please note that business card orders will be checked against the Macmillan Professionals Database and only processed for listed Macmillan Professionals currently working in post.

If you are uploading a partner logo please note:
* Your logo must be created as a minimum at 300 dpi and in JPEG format (.jpg).
* The logo must also be:
       *Maximum width of 75mm and maximum height of 10mm for business card 1
       *Maximum width of 16mm and maximum height 45mm for business card 2

* For your logo to display at optimum size, please ensure that it has the minimum amount of white space surrounding it.

If your logo does not upload correctly please contact your own IT, Website or Communications team and ask them to send you the logo as per the above specifications. 

Please click this link to read our step-by-step guide to creating business cards.

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