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Creating your account

Registering with us means you’ve created a My Macmillan account. Using your My Macmillan log in will not only give you instant access to the tools and resources on be.Macmillan but you can interact with our Online Community and find information about volunteering opportunities.

On be.Macmillan you'll be able to place orders from our range of free, expert and easy to understand information about cancer. And you can look back at designs you’ve previously made – posters, flyers, invitations and more. All you'll need to do, is re-enter your information into your design and recreate your order.


How to create your account

Head to our Create account page and follow the steps from there. Once completed you will receive an email to validate your account.

If you haven’t received a validation email, please contact webmanager@macmillan.org.uk.               

Already have a My Macmillan account?

So we can deliver your be.Macmillan online orders to you, we’ll need a little bit more information.

Log in from the be.Macmillan homepage. If you’re already logged in, select the ‘Start Using be.Macmillan’ icon. An additional information page will appear, which you’ll need to complete. You’ll then be ready to order what you need.


Are you a Macmillan professional or a Macmillan member of staff? 

To give you full access to the range of tools and resources available to you, we’ll need to verify your status when creating your account. It’s easy to do. 

Simply head to our Create account page and follow the steps from there – make sure you’re using your work email address and not a personal one. Once completed you will receive an email to validate your account.

Getting stuck? If you’re not recognised as a: 

Macmillan professional – register as a health and social care professional instead just so you can get instant access. Then get in touch with be.mac@macmillan.org.uk and we’ll upgrade you.

Macmillan member of staff – register with your @macmillan.org.uk email address. Still not working? Get in touch with be.mac@macmillan.org.uk.