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For Macmillan professionals 

Helping you support your service

The following information is designed to guide you through be.Macmillan. It's specifically for Macmillan professionals. We hope you find it useful.


Free information for the people you support


Our wide range of cancer information materials are free to order and download in alternative formats


Brand your service with Macmillan merchandise

Merchandise-Signage  Use Macmillan branded merchandise to show people that they are receiving a Macmillan service raising awareness of our work and influencing people's decision to support us.  

Make promotional leaflets and posters

MakeYourOwn From highlighting cancer awareness months to promoting drop in sessions for the people you support, be.Macmillan has a range of posters, leaftets, flyers, etc. you can customise or download ready made to promote your services.



Business card


Spread the word leaflet
Tell your colleagues about the information resources they can access at be.Macmillan.