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 Our brand in action


Our Not Alone campaign

This is from our latest campaign to raise awareness of how we can help. We always aim to communicate in a clear, direct, confident way.

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Everyday, everywhere

Cancer isn’t confined to the hospital or the clinic. That’s why we want to be visible on the high street where people are getting on with their lives.

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Keeping it simple

Keeping it simple

This is one of our four mobile information centres which tour the country. As you can see, we use everyday language and say what we mean.
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Getting people involved

Getting people involved

How do we galvanise people to be a force for change? We produce
bold, eye-catching communications and make it simple for people to get involved.
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Shaping cancer environments

Over the past 30 years, we have planned and funded 150 cancer care centres and information and support centres across the UK. Our environmental branding, along with branded tools and cancer information, help us to deliver a recognisably Macmillan experience for everyone who visits.

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Raising funds

We make fundraising fun with so many ways to get involved, from World’s Biggest Coffee Morning to climbing Kilimanjaro. 
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Keeping it simple
Getting people involved